Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Call

How do I begin? First off, I’m not a writer… much less a blogger, so please bear with me as I stumble through this process. I wanted to share some of my story before the time came for me to share this post, but I have not had the time to do that. Hopefully I’ll find some time to share how I’ve gotten to this point in my life.

Right now, though, I get to share the exciting news that I have gotten an assignment to go overseas to serve in a jungle clinic for a year! 

Right now, I work in an outpatient mental health clinic. It’s been a challenging position to have, and one where I’ve spent lots of time on my knees begging God if there’s somewhere else He wants me to go. It’s been difficult for me to be in a position where I’m unable to tell people about the Jesus who can heal them and who can take their burdens and who never leaves them or forsakes them. 

Last August, I had met the recruiter for Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM) at ASI who told me about some mission opportunities that were available (after I had signed up that I was interested in going as a missionary). For some reason, the timing just wasn’t right at that moment. I knew I needed to get some sort of nursing experience (having just graduated), and I also wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

But after working at my current position for a while, I knew there had to be somewhere else God could use me in a much broader way. One morning, as I was praying once again to God, where He would have me, He brought the idea of going with AFM to my mind. When I considered all the possibilities, it seemed perfect - perfect timing at least! After praying about it more and talking with different people, I decided the best thing to do would be to move forward and ask God to open and close doors as He saw fit in order to lead me to exactly where He wanted me. I started the application process back in May of this year. There have been hurdles to overcome even to get this far into the process, but I now have been approved and will be sent to the mountains in the islands of the Philippines in the fall of 2017. 

I’ve been dreaming about what this day would be like. I imagined being so excited. What I didn’t realize was how soon reality would set in - reading through the description of the place and realizing I wouldn’t have easy access to internet so I could call home if I needed. The reality of going to a foreign country - a totally different culture and language - without the support of family or friends close by hit me hard. But what also hit me was the reality that God has called me to this, and He will be by my side every step of the way. I pray that this blog will be filled with blessings and answers to prayer on this journey into the unknown. 

It will be exciting to recount how God will continue to lead!